Seafoods for My Valentine on Hearts Day

love is real.
it is all around.
it is in the air,
on the earth,
in the water.
it is what propels life.
it is what ignites
the fire in our hearts
and makes us listen
to the songs of our soul.
to live is love.


On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I came home to a bouquet of flowers from my husband. Like a teenager, I did not know how to react when I saw it, so I just smiled shyly and murmured my thanks to the man who has been by my side for almost twenty years. Continue reading


Of Lovely Mornings, Hilltop Homes and Omelettes

Nothing beats an omelette for breakfast, especially when it is cooked with love. Just recently, I spent some days with my aunt. Remember the one who cooked me and my office mates some really scrumptious packed lunches? Yes, the very one.

Well, Auntie Elsa’s house is located on top of a hill and they get really good pocket Wifi connection. So, during the time when I didn’t have broadband connection at home yet, I went to her home every day to take advantage of the strong Wifi signal there.¬†However, it was not just the Wifi that had me going back there every day. It was also my aunt’s cooking. Continue reading

i miss you…

i miss the simple things
that speak of you –
the touch of your hand
on my waist.
the feel of your fingers
intertwined with mine.
the cadence of your voice
when you say my name.
the way your eyes twinkle
each time you smile.

i miss the simple things
that remind me of you –
the smell of rain
on every strand of my hair.
the whispers of the wind
on the folds of my dress.
the warmth of the sun
that kisses my skin.
the cold nights spent
together under the stars.

i miss the simple things
that make me remember you
with every breath i breathe.
i miss the simple things
that spoke to my soul
and made me love you from the start.
i miss you.



i’ll continue to love you…

if i had known that you’d take back
all the beautiful things you’ve ever
said and promised,
i would have guarded my heart better.
i wouldn’t have given you my complete trust.
as it is, you now have a place in my soul
and you have broken the faith
i resolutely placed in your hands.
still, i could never ask you to untake
everything you’ve ever told me.
i will never regret the way i felt
when you held my hands.
i will continue loving you
until i have gotten over your dropping me
irrevocably out of your life.



what can love do…

i may love hard,
but that doesn’t mean
i’m totally fine.
it doesn’t mean
i hope to ever live
a life seeped in happiness.
for what can love do
to take off my mask of smiles.

i love, yes,
but that doesn’t erase
the darkness of my heart.
for what can love do
to change the misery
i hide deep inside.
for the temporary joy it gives,
it also brings in pain.

i do love,
but that erases not
the apathy that is slowly
eating away at my soul.
for what can love do
to help me break away
from the chains of anguish
eating away at my very being.

i love you,
but what can my love
do for you.

Am I So Hard to Love?

Is it so hard to care for me?
Does it take all of your faculties
to just wrap me in your arms
and make me feel your love?
Or am I that difficult to comprehend
that you turn your back on me
even when I am shaking with my sobs
and my body is wracked in pain?
How much more do I have to hurt myself
for you to see me
and really show your concern
without me having to tell you
what I need?
Do I have to leave this life
for you to realize
that even with you sleeping by my side
I am slowly and inevitably dying inside?