Love and Hugs!


Hi! 🙂

You have reached what is supposed to be the Home page of Living a Soulful Life.

I changed things a bit (ok, a lot!) and did not place “Home” as title of this page though. Instead, I placed “Love and Hugs” because along with welcoming you into my world (I got a welcome message for you on my first post, Hello and Welcome to Living a Soulful Life) I also want to give you tons of love through virtual smiles and hugs. You might not feel their actual warmth, but know that they are from the heart. Giving away these beautiful gestures of friendship and caring is one of the many things I want to do every day, whether in reality or virtually. 🙂

So, feel free to come by any time you want a warm bear hug and a great sunshiny smile. I never run out of them. While you are at it, please do read some of the stuff I’ve posted here. I would love to have you become a part of my daily journey of knowing my soul deeper as I try to live a life of imagination and enchantment.

Bunches of loves, hugs, kisses and smiles!  – Leigh 🙂


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