you ran off and left

right into the distant sunset,
you disappear running –
leaving tears in the dust.


for life…

like the clammy claws of death,
your hand closes over my heart –
maiming me for life.

A Poem a Day – When Life Drags You Down, You Get Back Up

I started doing a challenge last February 11 of writing a poem a day. Dubbed “A Poem a Day”, this is my initiative to fire up my creative juices again. It is my way to get my imagination running. I need to gear up for the future. I need to tighten my belt and start finishing the book I started and write some more stories on things closest to my heart.

But then, life happened. It pulled me under the rug and I was unable to post anything here. I felt like I lost the challenge. I figured though that when life drags you down, you get back up and show no embarrassment for your failures. Shit happens. And, it happens to everyone, even me.

I was in the hospital recently. I got confined on February 19 and was discharged just last Sunday, March 2. I missed my son Andy’s birthday on March 1 and even my daughter Phoebe’s prom on February 23. But, I did not let that hinder me from writing poems. Yes, I was unable to post anything starting February 27 (USB Internet connection sucks), but I was writing every day.

So, again…I will be posting not just one, but a number of poems today, to make up for the days I lost. I hope all of you, who have been reading and taking the time to hit “Like” on my poems (thank you very much) will forgive me for my inability to post in the past few days. I also hope you will enjoy the poems I wrote on the Note application of my phone. 🙂

Rainbow, Abstract Art

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February 27

you painted a rainbow
and danced down moonbeams,
erasing the shadows
of withering dreams.
you pulled in some sunbursts
and brought in the star dusts,
brightening the nights so dreary
they’ve gone to rust.

but, it was only
for just a moment.
a small sliver of time.
no, it was not enough.

you chased away
the rainbow smiles
from the skies,
showered by moonbeams –
and shattered the laughter
that came from myriad dreams.
you tore at the heart
that dared to love.
you broke down the soul
that took a leap of faith
and lived in that moment
that was so precious to behold,
but, which you sold
for that deafening silence
that is neither worth
any silver nor gold.

February 28

a gentle touch,
a goodnight kiss,
a hand on the waist –
everybody should have
the chance
to feel like this.
a love so strong,
it transcends all bonds,
it embraces the soul
and looks beyond
whatever blemish
there is.

March 1

a finger curled on my thumb,
a gentle touch that made my heart soar –
my precious baby in my arms.

*a haiku made for baby Andy on his second birthday*

baby Andy

March 2

i stepped into the threshold
into arms waiting to enfold –
all of my being in its homecoming.

*a haiku I wrote when I came home from the hospital and was met with the warm embrace of my babies Elle and Andy*

March 3

a tiny voice seeking for the moon,
amidst the heavens full of stars –
in childlike wonder contemplating
why we are left with moonless moments
in the journey of our hearts.

*a poem for Andy, who sat on my lap as we sat on the stairs leading to the back of our house and repeatedly asked where the moon was on my first night home.*

March 4

when life drags you down,
you make the effort
to haul yourself back up –
because life never
promised to go easy on you,
it is just asking
you to live each day
as it comes to pass.

you are neither to dwell
on your yesterdays
as they are all in the past,
nor are you asked
to look forward to the future
as those days have yet to be cast.
instead, it is pulling you
ever gently, sometimes harshly,
but always relentlessly –
to live for every moment,
to relish every breath –
as you don’t really
have an idea if it is
bound to be your last.