The Siblinghood of the World Award

Having resigned from my office job has its perks and downfalls. The major disadvantage of not having a job is the boredom. As I have been working for almost three years straight, I have gotten used to being with people five days a week, which is the exact opposite when you’re at home, staring at the four walls of your room when your kids go off to school or to play with their friends.

However, this gets outweighed by being able to spend more time with the same kids, by being able to play with them when they’re around, by seeing them when you wake up and when you go to sleep at night and just being able to be home when there are no work-related pressure or managers you don’t see eye to eye with.

Yes, I may have my down days at home when I get depressed about not having a job, but I also have my really good days, like when I see my kids’ happy faces while eating the food I cooked for them or while devouring an entire loaf of bread fresh from the bakery oven smeared with dollops of peanut butter and then licking off their fingers clean afterwards. You can just imagine the idyllic days I have been having lately.

And, I happened to come upon another thing that made me smile today. Meg of nominated me for the “Siblinghood of the World Award” last November 7. She informed me about it on her comment to my previous blog post and it really warmed my heart. Meg, you can’t believe how much you’ve made me happy today. Thank you so much.
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New House, New Beginnings, New Life

as we start
this new chapter
of our lives,
in this new place
we can call our own,
we clasp our hands,
bow our heads
and fervently wish
for new beginnings
and fresh tomorrows.

14 CG illustrator space planet universe-the universe stars planets picture

As if the universe aligned all the planets and the stars to help usher a great morning for us, October 18 dawned with clear blue skies and the warmest sunshine this part of the earth could bestow. It was the day scheduled for our move. Continue reading

Lunch Boxes Packed Full of Love

As I have mentioned oftentimes in the past, my family loves food. We love to cook. In fact, my first childhood memories include inhaling my auntie’s cabbage rolls, waking up early to make budbud or suman with my grandma, and watching my mother grind rice for putong pinalutaw.

There were also those times when the smell of my lola’s torta would permeate the air, making my mouth drool even before I could even see the scrumptious snack come out of the bakery oven. These are probably among the reasons I love food as much as I do.

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