When Cancer Found Its Way Into Our Family Again


In 2008, my sister Donna succumbed to leukemia. She died 11 months after she was diagnosed. This year, the dreaded C word hit closer to home. This time, it attacked someone very close to my heart.

Phoebe Danielle Lim

The girl in the photo above is my daughter. Known and called by everyone close to her as Kibbie, her real name is Phoebe Danielle. Less than a week before her 18th birthday, she was diagnosed of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and was recommended to undergo total thyroidectomy as soon as possible. Based on her ultrasound, the mass found on her right thyroid was just 1cm shy from reaching the dreaded 4cm mark.

So, the day after her birthday last August 17, we admitted her to the hospital and on the 19th, she had her surgery.

Phoebe Danielle Lim

This was Phoebe a couple of days after her surgery.

Phoebe Danielle

A lover of stuffed animals, she was very happy to get a stuffed bear from her boyfriend a day before she was discharged last August 24.

Phoebe Danielle Lim

Then, just yesterday, we were told by her endocrinologist that she needs to undergo radioactive iodine treatment six weeks from now. This recommendation was based on the biopsy result gathered from the specimens taken during her total thyroidectomy operation. It turned out that the mass on her right thyroid had invaded her blood vessels and metastasized into other glands.

Phoebe Danielle

This was how Kibbie waited for her doctor…only to be told that she needs to undergo radioactive iodine treatment.

We love Kibbie and we want all cancer cells gone from her body. However, we don’t have enough funds to pay for her treatment and hospitalization. So, we are asking for help in raising funds for Kibbie to fight cancer and be on the road to remission.

Please click on the link below to know more about our fundraising campaign for Phoebe and to learn more about her. Thank you very much for the love.

Phoebe’s Treatment Fund


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