Overdose on Pasta Love Before the New Year

It’s almost 2016! And, before the year ends, let me share how I went overboard with my love for pasta recently. As I mentioned in previous posts, I love pasta so much, I cook it for almost every occasion, especially for my kids, who absolutely adore my spaghetti.

However, for Christmas Eve, which we, just my kids, my hubby and I, spent together for the first time in our li’l home, I decided to cook seafood pasta with my own version of a marinara sauce.  I used diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, a dash of oregano, scallops, squid rolls, olive oil and lots of Parmesan cheese for my sauce and penne for the pasta. Instead of pouring my sauce over the cooked pasta, as is my usual process, I mixed it with the sauce, while it was still bubbling merrily away in the pan.

Of course, I didn’t  cook the pasta all the way through, so it would still be firm and sumptuous when I mixed it in with the sauce. Once everything was cooked, I topped it with more Parmesan. The result? My family loved it! Paired with newly toasted garlic bread from the bakery oven, it was perfection. Even my baby Elle loved it and asked for seconds and thirds. And, that for me, is the best validation any mom could ask for, especially coming from my kids, who are becoming food critics in their own ways.

Because pasta will always be good food for me, I decided to cook some again for my friends, who came over for a visit to my humble abode yesterday. This time, I chose fusilli and made creamy tomato sauce with shrimps and squid rolls. For my sauce, I used a medium-sized can of diced tomatoes, a big white onion, some cloves of minced garlic, a dash of oregano and basil, Quickmelt cheese and cream. Before I stirred in the cream, I threw in the shrimps and the diced squid rolls and when everything was mixed together, I added the cooked pasta and topped it with Parmesan.

Needless to say, my friends devoured my seafood pasta. We ate it with pizza and soda, then had some Johnny Walker afterwards, which we enjoyed while laughing and talking about whatever topic that came to mind. It was a great and fun night with friends indeed. The best way to wind down an eventful year.

And, because I love my kids a whole lot, I didn’t let the year end without cooking them their favorite spaghetti, which I just finished preparing about thirty minutes ago. Creamy, cheesy and meaty with slices of hot dogs, this was an ultimate kid’s spaghetti sans the sweet sauce. For the life of me, I could never learn how to cook a perfect sweet sauce. So, I stuck with what I know, an Italian-style sauce that my kids love anyway.

If I had my own baking equipment, I would have popped my spaghetti into the oven for a few minutes. As I don’t, I just dumped the pasta into the simmering sauce and topped it off with Quickmelt cheese, over low fire. It turned out just as good as baked spaghetti and I know that my kids will inhale it with the kind of enthusiasm that will really warm my heart. Really, it’s during these times, when I absolutely love being a mom.

In about an hour or so, the new year will set in. I have no idea what it means to throw my way and frankly, I don’t care. As long as I have my family, my friends and my ability to do stuff with my hands like cook really good pasta, I am ready to face anything and everything. I hope you are, too.

So, cheers to 2016! And, may we all live life soulfully and savor each moment of the new year with love in our hearts, creativity in our whole beings and great food in our tummies! Happy New Year!



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