Riding on Yummy Dreams of Food


Have you had a really bad case of PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) when you got really, really sick with migraine, body aches and cramps and thought of nothing but all types of yummy food? I had one such episode just this past week.

It was like there was nothing in my mind but food. There was a parade of cheesy bacon burgers, pizza, chocolates, pasta, fried chicken, French fries and what not dancing through my every thought that I would have ended up eating my hand during my reverie if I was not able to stop myself in time.

Even the smell of fresh bread from a nearby bakery oven had me drooling like a hungry piranha. Wait, do piranhas even drool? Hahahah…I am not even sure if they do, but that is exactly how I felt then. It was like I could eat anything and everything placed in front of me.

So, while I was riding on those food-induced dreams, I salivated on the thoughts of nicely grilled pork or chicken kebabs with some fresh greens on the side. I could almost smell those skewered onions and peppers browning deliciously along with those tasty bits of meat.

I also had grand visions of grilled cheese and ham sandwiches that are crispy on the outside and cheesy gooey on the inside. Until now I could still hear the distinct crackle on my mind when I fantasized about biting into that perfectly toasted bread and had cheese running down the sides of my mouth. That is not to mention the heavenly taste of all that ham and cheese thrown together. Hmmm…yum!

Now, all that cheese made me think of a Chicago deep dish pizza. There are no words to describe the ultimate goodness of this Chicagoan-style pizza, especially when it just came out piping hot from your own baking equipment. It has got everything working for it. It has everything you can ever want from a pizza and more. Sigh! I wish I was biting into that meaty and cheesy creation right at this moment.

So, before I faint from all these dreams of food, let me move on to a plateful of shrimps. I love shrimps. What more can I say. I love these crustaceans regardless of how they’re cooked. Garlicky, buttery, spicy or saucy, they are the most delicious things God created here on earth. I don’t have to say anything more. I love shrimps. You don’t have to wonder why I write about them a lot.

And, last but not the least of my favorites that made an appearance in my food dreams is the ever delectable fried chicken. I could eat this every day. The crunch of chicken wrapped in spiced batter and deep fried to perfection is like symphony to my ears every time. The taste on my mouth is to die for. Paired with rice or French fries, fried chicken is just pure love for me.

So, how about you? What do you crave for when you go through a particularly bad case of PMS? If you’re a guy, what is usually your favorite food that goes dancing through your mind when you’re hungry? Please share your faves with me. I’d love to know that I’m not alone in this food day dreaming.




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