Overdose on Pasta Love Before the New Year

It’s almost 2016! And, before the year ends, let me share how I went overboard with my love for pasta recently. As I mentioned in previous posts, I love pasta so much, I cook it for almost every occasion, especially for my kids, who absolutely adore my spaghetti.

However, for Christmas Eve, which we, just my kids, my hubby and I, spent together for the first time in our li’l home, I decided to cook seafood pasta with my own version of a marinara sauce.  I used diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, a dash of oregano, scallops, squid rolls, olive oil and lots of Parmesan cheese for my sauce and penne for the pasta. Instead of pouring my sauce over the cooked pasta, as is my usual process, I mixed it with the sauce, while it was still bubbling merrily away in the pan.

Of course, I didn’t  cook the pasta all the way through, so it would still be firm and sumptuous when I mixed it in with the sauce. Once everything was cooked, I topped it with more Parmesan. The result? My family loved it! Paired with newly toasted garlic bread from the bakery oven, it was perfection. Even my baby Elle loved it and asked for seconds and thirds. And, that for me, is the best validation any mom could ask for, especially coming from my kids, who are becoming food critics in their own ways.

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so, you say i have a dark side…

Dark Abstract Art

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so, you say i have a dark side…
you don’t know how utterly bleak
i can be, when i put my soul into it.
there is a monster lurking inside of me
that aches to take over the genial mask
i put on every day.

so, you say i have a dark side…
you have no idea how pitch black
my heart can be, if i will just admit
to myself and to the world
how disgusted i am over people’s pitiful
attempt to live in conformity.

and, so you say i have a dark side.
you will never know how lost i already am,
if you will not care to delve
into the recesses of my being
and discover for yourself just who the hell
i really am.

Riding on Yummy Dreams of Food


Have you had a really bad case of PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) when you got really, really sick with migraine, body aches and cramps and thought of nothing but all types of yummy food? I had one such episode just this past week.

It was like there was nothing in my mind but food. There was a parade of cheesy bacon burgers, pizza, chocolates, pasta, fried chicken, French fries and what not dancing through my every thought that I would have ended up eating my hand during my reverie if I was not able to stop myself in time. Continue reading