Of Lovely Mornings, Hilltop Homes and Omelettes

Nothing beats an omelette for breakfast, especially when it is cooked with love. Just recently, I spent some days with my aunt. Remember the one who cooked me and my office mates some really scrumptious packed lunches? Yes, the very one.

Well, Auntie Elsa’s house is located on top of a hill and they get really good pocket Wifi connection. So, during the time when I didn’t have broadband connection at home yet, I went to her home every day to take advantage of the strong Wifi signal there. However, it was not just the Wifi that had me going back there every day. It was also my aunt’s cooking.

So, imagine this, you arrive from a long and tiring journey aboard a motorcycle and you get a whiff of something delicious in the air. Then, you see scrambled eggs bubbling away merrily on the pan with some grated cheese and chopped mushrooms added into the mix. Now, if this is not scintillating enough to the senses, just think of how it is when you finally get a mouthful of this delectable concoction and it literally melts on your tongue. Take that and some bread fresh from the bakery oven and you can be in heaven right here on earth.

That was how it was the first time I got to eat my aunt’s omelette again. I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to enjoy my aunt’s omelette, so you can just think how happy I was to be eating it again. I must have inhaled a plateful of her omelette before I realized that I was trying to limit my food intake because I was gaining too much weight already.

Anyway, my aunt’s omelette got me to thinking of all the other omelette recipes I love. Although I absolutely adore Auntie Elsa’s cheesy mushroom omelette, I also enjoy the usual onion and tomato omelette we cook at home. There is nothing as satisfying as getting to taste the symphony of flavors that burst in your mouth when take in a spoonful of fluffy eggs mixed with juicy tomatoes and caramelized onions.

Of course, onions and tomatoes are just among the best ingredients you can add to eggs to make a great omelette. There’s the ham and cheese combo and then, there’s bacon mixed with mushrooms and bell peppers. Actually, you can mix in anything with eggs to make a mean omelette.

Just more recently, there is another recipe I found online that I really want to try out. Although it is not really an omelette, but it has all the makings of one, only that it is cooked differently. It still has eggs and bacon, but you need to take out your baking equipment to cook the bacon egg cups in the photo below. Hmm…I bet this is going to be just as yummy as my favorite omelettes.

How about you? What kind of omelette do you like? Let me know in the comments section below and let us share what we love about the most common breakfast staple in the world.



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