New House, New Beginnings, New Life

as we start
this new chapter
of our lives,
in this new place
we can call our own,
we clasp our hands,
bow our heads
and fervently wish
for new beginnings
and fresh tomorrows.

14 CG illustrator space planet universe-the universe stars planets picture

As if the universe aligned all the planets and the stars to help usher a great morning for us, October 18 dawned with clear blue skies and the warmest sunshine this part of the earth could bestow. It was the day scheduled for our move.

After almost six years of living in my parents’ residence, we have finally found a house where we can start a new life as a family of six. Even if the financial and health problems that prompted us to move back to the house of where I grew up are still hounding us, we believed it was high time that we stand on our own and experience what it is like to live with just among the six of us – Hardy, my husband, our four kids – Kibbie, Luke, Elle and Andy – and I.

Wall Art - Mural

The mural I did for my kids.

Yes, the timing could have been more convenient. We could have done this when I still had a stable job. We could have done this when my health was better. However, if we didn’t do it when we decided to, we might have never gotten the chance to do it ever. So, we packed what little belongings we had and ventured onto a new beginning.

Andy and His Friends

Andy, on his motorbike, with his friends, Bugsy and Rafa.

Andy and His Motorbike

Our house is not that big. However, it has two bedrooms, one of which is big enough to accommodate our four kids and their toys and the other enough to house Hardy and I, a work desk and my books. It does not have enough space for us to have a separate living and dining areas. However, it does have a clean and airy bathroom, which for us is one of the most important components of a good home.

Our house is just a rental. The rent is one that we can afford though. As we can only do this much, for us this is already a good start.

So, before October 18 drew to a close, my family and all our belongings were already safely harbored inside our new home. And, for the first time in a long while, I was able to play the role of a wife and a mom. I cleaned the house, laundered clothes, washed dishes and cooked meals- chores I was not able to do regularly when I was still working.


My family’s favorite chorizo.

I cooked their favorite chorizo or Spanish sausage for breakfast at one time, some healthy veggies for lunch at another and sauteed chicken strips with onions and red bell pepper in oyster sauce for dinner one night.

Rice Bowl Meal

My rice bowl meal of pork, potatoes and beans.

Because there is a bakeshop nearby and my family is a lover of all sorts of baked goodies, we always have bread and pastries, fresh from the bakery oven, any time we want them.  The kids would slather these with cheese spread or a generous dollop of peanut butter and pair it with their favorite glass of cold milk or fruit juice. You’d better believe that we have been living an almost idyllic life since we moved to this house we now call (temporarily that is) our own.

Yes, life is indeed good when you are given a chance to start new beginnings. Although this does not mean that everything is going uphill from this point onward, as I still have to find a stable job and there are bills to pay, I am sure we will be able to weather through whatever challenges we have ahead of us because we are together as a family.

Andy and His Ate Kibbie

Andy and His Ate Kibbie

Andy and His Ate Kibbie

And, soon…yes, soon enough, I will achieve my lifelong dream of getting my own baking equipment, so I can bake cookies and pastries for the kids, instead of just buying them from the neighborhood bakery. I can also make lasagna and baked spaghetti for them – favorites that we can only enjoy now at restaurants. When that time comes, life will definitely be better than good for our family, it will be awesome. 🙂




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