in my book of memories…

Deep inside the recesses of my soul
where I keep my books of memories,
I have a volume dedicated just for you.
There you reside, just like all remnants
of a past long gone, but never forgotten.

There was that night
when we first held hands,
when just the feel of your fingers
intertwined with mine, sent my heart
thudding wildly like galloping horses.

There was that time
when you first said you love me,
when the sound of your voice
saying those words melted my insides
like vanilla ice cream on a cold night.

There was that moment
when you decided to be just friends,
when you broke my fragile heart
into a gazillion pieces, shattering my world –
making me regret the trust I gave.

But, then came the instance
when I realized that yes, we are better off
this way – friends who know each other well,
who care for each other in ways no one else can,
who love without limits, with no boundaries.


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