you’re the reason i breathe…

the moment i shouted at you
i regretted everything,
right down to the very core
of my being.
when i saw tears stream
down from your eyes
and heard your silent sobs,
you wrenched my heart
from my chest and shattered
it into a million tiny pieces.

but, i can just imagine
how i must have hurt
your little soul.
how my outburst must have
sent your little heart
go thudding fast and painful.
you must have felt your stomach
clench in a kind of agony
you could only express with your cries.
i could never forgive myself
if i could not make you whole once more.

despite what i did,
you came and stood by me
like a ministering angel.
you waited patiently
until i came to my senses
and calmed down somewhat.
then, you gave me your sweet,
cherubic smile and all my insides
melted and wept at the same time.

in all your innocence,
you pulled me out from the darkness
where i was wallowing in a
quagmire of loss and yearning.
you helped me see that glimmer of hope,
however minuscule it may be.
you are my angel.
you are my light.
thank you for showing me
that i still have something
to breathe and to live for –
you are my life.




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