i need your hug…

When you see the bruises
on my forehead,
What comes to your mind?
Do you judge me
and say I’m crazy
or do you consider the pain
I must be going through
to have done what I did?
Do you want to run away from me,
so you can avoid the plague
that’s eating me inside?
Or do you wish to come and
hug me and tell me you understand?

Where are you then?
I need that hug please.
Hold me close.
Don’t let me go.
I need you to see me.
I need you to want to see behind my mask.
You don’t know how many times
I have wanted to cut into myself,
so I can unearth all the darkness inside.
I want to let go of the misery
eating away at my heart and soul.
But, where are you?
I do desperately crave for that hug.
Please, look into my eyes
and see my need.
Do not think of me as somebody strong.
Think of me as somebody who longs
for an ear that listens and
a heart that really cares.
Where are you now?
I am dying for that hug.


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