Goodbyes Are Not Forever

goodbyes are not forever.
they are simply new beginnings.
a chance to say better hellos.
a way to prove there are no
bitter endings.

“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again.” – Rod

“The only reason I am saying goodbye is so I can get a chance to say hello again.” – Junmar

I just resigned from my full-time day job of almost three years. It was a decision I made because of my health. I was already having a hard time coping with the stress of being under a new manager, whom I don’t see eye to eye with. I was suffering from elevated blood pressure almost every day, a condition I didn’t have for more than a year while I was still under his predecessor.

“To my mentor, friend, and sister, I don’t want to say goodbye…just see you soon.” – Cath

Regardless of the need for my resignation, it was still hard to say goodbye to the team. Although some of the team members were new, we have a bond and a camaraderie that took quite a while to cultivate. It was especially hard to leave those people whom I have worked side by side with for quite some time. Those who helped me build great websites and who became my friends with whom I shared tears and laughter with.

“People come and go. It’s hard to let you go. I’m not ready for a day, a week, a whole working life without you guiding me.” – Jewel

It also came as a shock when instead of having to render t 30 days notice, I was given a reprieve. The owner of the company, who hired me as the first member of the content development team way back February 2013, believed it was best for my health for my 30-day notice to be shortened and gave me only two days to turn over all my responsibilities to my fellow editor. So, my resignation became almost immediate, much to the dismay of myself and the entire team.

“Love you to the moon and back to back to back of one yellow pad paper. Keep smiling. Keep going. Spread good vibes.” – Hannah

Although I did ask for my 30-day notice to be decreased in my resignation letter, which I submitted September 30, a Wednesday, after I had an emergency room episode the previous night, I did not expect to part with the team that very same week. I was expecting to spend at least two more weeks with them.

I was only given two days. My last day with them was October 2, Friday. I had two short days to say goodbye.

“Goodbye is not for us. It’s never for clingy girlfriends and impulsive May babies.” – Hermae

But, say goodbye I did and those were two of the most heart-wrenching days of my life. I had to tell my team the owner’s decision with the lights turned off in the meeting room, so they won’t see my tears. I had to let the other day shift team know about what I was about to do because I also helped them out in the past.

“To live in love is to sail forever…Spread the love and be yourself always…and, be strong always.” – Lorven

However, no matter how hard I tried to stop my tears from falling, Friday came. And, everyone had a send-off surprise for me. A dear friend from the content mining team, the other day shift team which I had a hand in starting, developing and strengthening, first presented me with a bouquet of pink roses. Then, they gave me four boxes of delicious mini cupcakes fresh from a nearby bakery oven.

“Thanks for being a good friend, a fearless leader, and a happy buddy.” – Jonathan

Then, the content development team, my most beloved team that made me cry on my birthday, did not allow the day to end with my eyes dry. During our lunch break, Cathy (content writer) and Jewel (content editor) asked me if I didn’t need my daily dose of Mountain Dew. So, we went to the convenience store at the ground floor of our building.

After a few minutes there, the rest of the team’s members proceeded to file in one by one, showering me with balloons and chocolates. It also seemed that all baking equipment were exhausted that day because they gifted me with a delectable chocolate cake as well that everyone enjoyed during our afternoon break.

“We love you, Miss Lei. See you soon. Mwaaaah!” – Belle

Because we are the “Creative Team”, of course, there was also an audio-visual presentation made by one of our resident multi-media specialists, Rod. If these were not enough to make me cry, then the message board they presented surely did the trick.

Cath, my very creative best friend, who was also one of the masterminds behind all these surprises, made a beautiful board where the messages of each and every member of our team were attached. I only read one message that afternoon, Jewel’s, but it definitely brought on the waterworks.

“This is not a goodbye, it’s just a beginning…your presence always inspires us.” – Mary Ann

Later on, Jonathan, another multi-media specialist, posted an uncut video of what transpired during that memorable time. It was a good thing he was unable to capture the moment when I started crying though. I wouldn’t want to see an image of myself crying on video. But, I did cry more the next day when I read all of the messages from the rest of the team. Although our goodbyes were inevitable, I didn’t mean to leave so soon.

“And, finally just this once, I want to personally thank you for something that I learned from you, Leah. This is a beautiful goodbye. Au revoir!” – Marco

To “my” (P.S. you know what this means) team, whom I consider my extended family, I could not express enough, my appreciation of all of you. Each and everyone of you has contributed to my growth, learning, and happiness during the entire time we were together. I love all of you and I am missing you every day. But, yes, our goodbyes are not forever. We will see each other again. We will make that happen.

P.S. The quotes in between each paragraph of this article are excerpts from the messages given to me my the members of the content development team. I would just like to apologize to those whose messages were not featured. Don’t worry, your time will come pretty soon, I promise. I have a surprise for you, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ‘Til then and ’til the next time we see each other.


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