a heart in love…


again, the heart fell headlong
into a love that didn’t promise
a happy ending.
she chose to throw caution
into the winds and risked getting hurt,
just to feel the thrill
of a hand holding her close,
making her feel cherished and appreciated.

but, as her idyllic moments of bliss
came to an abrupt stop, she careened
into a chasm of loneliness so deep,
she had to pretend to be unfeeling
just to keep her head above waters.
she pasted an incessant smile
upon her face, so she won’t break down
into the torrent of tears she hid
way deep down, where no one undeserving
can ever unearth.

she clutched her sobs
close to her breast, so no one
will know the agony of the love
she harbored deep inside –
because everything came
to a standstill when she learned
how she was just there
to fill a void,
of a love gone cold.
she had to be thrown aside
when that bond was rekindled
and second chances took hold.




2 thoughts on “a heart in love…

    • Leah May Lim-Atienza says:

      hi, bella.

      love is always hard. it sucks almost half of the time. but, it has to be felt, whether it brings good and bad things with it.

      don’t worry about me. these are just bygone feelings resurrected.

      thanks, as always, for connecting.

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