Sweets for My Sweet…

the first time
i cradled you
in my arms,
you possessed
the charm
that ran away
with my heart
and made me
love you dearly
right from the start.

Last August 17, 1998, sometime around seven in the morning, I heard the cry of the baby girl who was the first person to ever steal my heart completely…my sweet Phoebe Danielle.

Although she was ferocious when her needs weren’t met or cantankerous when she got colic or didn’t want to go to sleep, my eldest daughter was probably one of the sweetest babies you will ever have known. She will look straight at you with her clear brown eyes, hold your finger, and listen attentively when you talk to her.

As a toddler, she was smart and creative as a whip. At the age of one and a half, she was already drawing on every surface she could find. She started drawing figures with triangles for noses, rectangles for mouths, and of course, crude circles for eyes. A short while after, she started memorizing a lot of stuff. She learned the entire Thumbelina story by heart by the time she was two.

One day, while she accompanied me to work, my fellow reporters came up to me and marveled at how intelligent my baby was because they thought she was reading her Thumbelina book. Because she knew every line that came with every page, she appeared like she was reading everything.

Then, when we were at the news room, she started drawing our bespectacled lady news bureau chief. However, my pretty baby did not draw her with her glasses on. When she was asked about it, she¬†quickly drew a pair of glasses right next to the chief on the drawing¬†and stated that she’s not wearing glasses because she took them off. This resulted to a huge round of laughter from everyone in the office.

So, as you can see, the first angel of my life did not only capture my heart, she also made others see her as someone special with her wit, her spontaneity, and her smiles. And, on her 17th birthday, what better way to show her how much appreciate her sweetness than by showering her with sweets.

First off, there was a box of black forest cupcakes. Although they were just given to me by a cake supplier as a token of appreciation for some repeat business, they were still dearly loved by my baby Phoebe who’s probably got the worse sweet tooth of the entire family.

Then, there was the trio of cupcakes we got fresh from the bakery oven of a pastry shop nearby my office. My sweet girl, who is a baby no longer, literally melted with joy at the sight of the treats we got for her.

Phoebe may already be 17 now, but she will always be my first baby. She will always be the sweet girl, whom I gave up a lot of things for. I will always love her and will do my best to make her happy, including make her a batch of her favorite baked goodies that, of course, should always have chocolate in them…even if I have to borrow and make use of my auntie’s baking equipment. Anything to give sweet treats for my sweet.



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