A July 4th Wedding, a Simply Delectable Cake, and Baked Chicken

Last July 4, my sister Dana (in the photo above) married her long-time boyfriend in a simple and intimate ceremony with only family and very close friends in attendance. On the same day that the people of the US commemorated and celebrated their independence, my sister tied the knot with the man who captured her heart.

I was not able to see her walk down the aisle. I was not able to shed a tear like other elder sisters do during the ceremony. This was not because I did not care to be at her wedding, but because I was doing my best to make sure that her reception was going to be perfect and everything done according to her wishes.

And, I did my damnedest to make her happy. I attended to every detail, including the calligraphy on her message notes, the arrangement of the flowers, and the scribbles I started on the table in the kid’s room, where the tabletop was covered with paper the children can draw on.

Almost everything we used to for the wedding was hand-crafted, as well. From the hand-painted lanterns to the thank you cards tied to the glass jars filled with gummy candies (the couple’s favorite), which served as their wedding favors, to the embellished vases and candle holders. So, anyone can say that her wedding was not just a celebration of love, it was also a labor of love.

However, all our powers combined can only go so far. So, aside from the delectable food cooked by the wonderful team of Abaseria Cafe and Deli, there was another thing that I, my family, or Dana’s friends did not make for her wedding and that was her cake. It came from the bakery oven of the highly talented and creative mother and daughter trio of Simply Sweet Cebu.

The design, which was chosen by the bride herself, was simple, but spoke volumes of what the celebration was all about. However, the taste of the super moist chocolate cake was anything but simple – it was divine. And, the fondant icing was perfect. Everyone enjoyed it.

And, as a food lover, there was another dish that stood out for me during the reception that night and that was Abaseria’s Baked Chicken. It was so simply delicious that it made me scour the Internet a few days later to find the right recipe.

As my search went, I was not able to find the exact recipe for their addictive baked chicken. I was able to find a few though that I’d like to do myself. So, I’m saving the recipes below for when I would finally have my own complete baking equipment, which I am hoping to have very soon,

Fresh Stop’s Baked Chicken with Onion and Leeks

I’d like to have this chicken perfection in my kitchen soon. I’m drooling just looking at it.

Chow’s Orange Honey-Mustard Baked Chicken Breasts

Now, this looks both delicious and oh so healthy. So, it is definitely on top of my “to cook” list.

Cooking Hawaiian Style’s Baked Ginger Chicken

I am not that much of a ginger fan, but I love chicken. So, I am willing to give this mouthwatering dish a try.

Cooking Matters’ Baked Flaked Chicken

This is a chicken dish after my own heart. It has the looks of a deep fried chicken, but the healthy goodness of being baked. Can’t wait to try this!

Considering that I was able to fulfill my sister’s wishes of the kind of wedding reception she wanted – simple yet elegant and meaningful – and I was able to find myself some good eats, I can say that my July 4th this year was quite good. I hope you had a blast, too.


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