My Love for Strawberries

tangy sweet on taste buds
craving for perpetual summer –
a strawberry, in all its luscious goodness.

If there is a fruit I love as much as mangoes, it’s the strawberry. I can still remember my first taste of its red and juicy goodness. I was still a child then, and my father just got back from his Baguio trip. As pasalubong, he brought home bottled strawberry preserves and fresh strawberries.

I remember loving how tangy sweet it tasted on my mouth. Yes, I was still young then, but I loved its complex flavor and how the sourness and sweetness seemed to burst in my taste buds.

Admittedly, I didn’t think this when I was a young girl. My thoughts were simpler then, of course. I just knew that I enjoyed what I was eating. But, looking back at my experience now, I know that if I could have articulated how I felt when I first experienced the goodness of my first strawberry, I would have said the exact words I wrote here.

Anyway, I am talking about strawberries now because I have recently been editing dessert articles and I literally salivated over those that used one of my favorite fruits as the main ingredients. So, as a tribute to the strawberry, I am posting below several strawberry cake photos and their recipes that I got online. I am making them as soon as I get my hand on my own baking equipment.

Japanese Cooking 101’s Strawberry Shortcake

Look at how simple yet beautiful this strawberry shortcake is. Just like anything Japanese, it is minimalist in appearance, but I bet it will burst in your mouth in a cacophony of heavenly flavors. Yum! I can’t wait to get my first taste of this delectable creation.

Community Table’s Top Strawberry Recipes

I was supposed to pick out one recipe from this collection of strawberry recipes. But, they all looked so good, I could not resist but share them all.

Dishmaps’ Strawberry Shortcakes

You wouldn’t find anything as dainty yet at as full of flavor as this mouthful of strawberry goodness.

Easy Baked’s Strawberry Lemonade Layer Cake



There is no better marriage of tangy and sweet than this recipe. I bet that just by the looks of this, you are already aching to rush to the kitchen to make one, so you can get your own bite of this colorful creation.

Jo the Tart Queen’s Le Fraisier (French Strawberry Shortcake)

Now, this is one luscious strawberry birthday cake. I’d love to have this any time of the year and on my natal day, too.

First Home Love Life’s Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

Tastes of Lizzy T’s Amish Strawberry Shortcake

The author of this recipe said that after you get your taste of this strawberry shortcake, you will never buy store-bought shortcake again. And, I am willing to bet that she is absolutely right.

Creations by Kara’s Own Version of a Strawberry Shortcake

As someone who loves strawberries as much as I love ice cream, this cake is a hands-down winner for me. I’d love to have this any time of the day, every day of the week.

As you can probably see from my choice of strawberry recipes, not all of them needs the use of a bakery oven. So, you can assume that I am going to head to the nearest grocery store, get myself some ingredients, and start making myself and my kiddies some of these delectable creations ASAP. I bet you are, too.

Have fun!



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