Shrimps, Shrimps…I Want More Shrimps

I don’t know why, but I have been craving for shrimps lately. They say that when you crave for something, your body is lacking the nutrient contained in that food you are longing for. But, for the life of me (or maybe I am simply dull), I could not figure out what it is in shrimps that my body system lacks. So, I just attribute my cravings simply on the fact that I love shrimps as much as I love bacon, fried chicken, and ice cream (this I added to my list because I have a little angel by my side asking me if I don’t love ice cream and the answer to that is, I do…with all my heart).

So, what usually happens when you crave for something? You go in search for it and eat it. Well, in my case, I imagined it first. The first shrimp dish that came to my mind was Surfin’ Ribs’ Shrimps Platter.

Now, I am a simple person, so for me their shrimps are already the best. Cooked in garlic and butter with a dash of oyster sauce, their shrimps are absolute heaven for me. And, because I prefer to eat shrimps with my bare hands, I get the freedom to lick all their amazing juices on my fingers, not caring what the other restaurant patrons might think of me. If that is your idea of pure, unadulterated pleasure as well, then we could be soul sisters or something.

The next shrimp dish that popped into my mind was Bucket Shrimps’ Boiled Shrimps. I only tried the ones cooked in garlic butter because my hubby absolutely refused me to try the spicier one in Cajun sauce, but they are a close second favorite to the ones from Surfin’ Ribs. And, of course, because their shrimps are bigger, and more in number (with a heftier price), I get to wallow in their delectable goodness for far longer. And, because they are served in a way that allows you to eat them with your bare hands, then they are finger-lickin’ delicious as well.

Below is a photo of Bucket Shrimps’ Boiled Shrimps in Cajun Sauce. I’d love to try them one day. Please help me wish on every falling star that my hubby will forget being protective of my overly sensitive bowels and let me live my life and eat some spicy shrimps before I die.

There is also another shrimp dish that I would love to eat again one of these days and this is Tsiboom Native Restaurant’s Shrimp with Salt and Pepper. They are so crispy and scrumptiously good that you can eat everything including their shells and heads. My mouth is salivating just thinking of their savory goodness.

Imagine this…but, at the Tsiboom Native Restaurant in Parkmall.

Now, that I have imagined all three of my most favorite local shrimp dishes, so far, let me move on to shrimp recipes that I have been dying to try to cook myself, when I get my own baking equipment at least.

This is a simple baked Cajun Shrimps with fresh parsley from Looks easy to do and I bet, it must be as deliciously addictive as it appears on photo.

This Baked Shrimp with Roasted Tomatoes from looks absolutely delish. As soon as I get my own bakery oven, I’d get to cooking this recipe pronto.

And, because I am such a shrimp in pasta lover, I could not resist adding the creamy shrimp pasta from above.

Soon, I will be able to cook all these baked shrimp dishes. But, right now, let me just cajole someone into going to the nearest restaurant offering shrimps on their menu, so we can gorge on these gastronomic treat from the ocean.




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