My Love for Strawberries

tangy sweet on taste buds
craving for perpetual summer –
a strawberry, in all its luscious goodness.

If there is a fruit I love as much as mangoes, it’s the strawberry. I can still remember my first taste of its red and juicy goodness. I was still a child then, and my father just got back from his Baguio trip. As pasalubong, he brought home bottled strawberry preserves and fresh strawberries. Continue reading


My Love for Bacon and Everything with Bacon In or On It

Just this past week, while in search for a better breakfast than the usual cup noodles and boiled egg offered by the convenience store in our building, my hubby took me to a Burger King drive-through. It was actually in jest because he intended to bring me to the Jollibee drive-through right beside it, where I can get my recent-favorite bacon and egg pancake sandwich, which I have once in a while, when the bacon craving gets too much to bear.

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Shrimps, Shrimps…I Want More Shrimps

I don’t know why, but I have been craving for shrimps lately. They say that when you crave for something, your body is lacking the nutrient contained in that food you are longing for. But, for the life of me (or maybe I am simply dull), I could not figure out what it is in shrimps that my body system lacks. So, I just attribute my cravings simply on the fact that I love shrimps as much as I love bacon, fried chicken, and ice cream (this I added to my list because I have a little angel by my side asking me if I don’t love ice cream and the answer to that is, I do…with all my heart).

So, what usually happens when you crave for something? You go in search for it and eat it. Well, in my case, I imagined it first. The first shrimp dish that came to my mind was Surfin’ Ribs’ Shrimps Platter.

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