Of Celebrations and Pasta Dishes

candles blown,
wishes thrown to the winds.
smiles, greetings, and hugs all around –
celebrating another year’s start
of being a child at heart.

The past week was eventful for me. I turned a year older on Thursday and celebrated being a mom on Sunday. And, in the midst of all these occasions, I cooked – not just one, but two pasta dishes that I have never tried cooking before. Before I go into that though, let me lead you into how these events came to pass.

My Birthday

Thursday morning started early for me. I woke at the crack of dawn to cook spaghetti for my officemates. Because my immediate superior and one of my writers are allergic to any type of seafood, I had to deviate from usual meat and seafood pasta recipe and concoct one that will not only please the palates of my co-workers, but will also save us the hassle of antihistamine shots or worse, visits to the emergency room. the makings of a spaghetti sauce   beef and chorizo in herbed tomato sauce As my boss loves chorizo, I decided to cook beef and chorizo spaghetti in herbed tomato sauce. This was the first time for me to cook this dish and it came out really good. I used tons of garlic, onions, tomatoes, ground beef, chorizo bilbao, cream, pre-packaged spaghetti sauce (I cheated a little here), chorizo bilbao and two blocks of pasteurized cheese. spaghetti The smell of the end result was fantastic and the spaghetti was annihilated in minutes. I ended up not cooking enough for everyone and people were clamoring for more. Well, next time, I guess. But, before I was able to dish out my spaghetti though, let me tell you that I was tricked into attending a meeting with my supervisor. 10425884_10205474628282491_6488546325310194954_n 22293_10205474629042510_4169276185258269701_n 11205500_10205474629522522_6510795002011544174_n I didn’t realize, until they were already singing the birthday song and bringing a box containing two dozens of cupcakes (from the bakery oven of our favorite pastry maker) with flaming candles on each one that I was in for a surprise. My officemates gave me pink balloons, an adorable pink party hat with white polka dots and a collage of birthday notes. I was so touched that I cried (a little). 11150642_10205474627922482_3675716378618729604_n 10956634_10205474627602474_5494050418608156553_n 1510001_10152953070753040_860438501142535362_n 11150697_10152953092843040_4791589044077868266_n That was not the end of my surprises for the day though. My husband gave me a huge gift box when he fetched me from work and it contained a sketchbook, different types of sketching pencils, a set of brushes and watercolors. I haven’t painted or sketched for a while and I have been longing to get back to it for some time now, so I was really pleased with the gift. 11040579_10152953471603040_2351268575394664530_n 11188348_10152953477423040_9066337984032568171_n 11205130_10152953493193040_5910919822876258992_n

The Day After

If I thought my birthday ended when Thursday came to a close, I was wrong. On Friday, my husband and his team treated me to dinner, featuring seafood galore. My satisfied tummy almost eclipsed the fullness of my heart. Too bad I didn’t get to take any photos of our seafood fiesta though. Maybe, some other time, when I can remember to stop and take pictures before I gorge myself with my favorite shrimps and squid.

Along Came Saturday

And, because one of my friends was not able to celebrate my birthday with me because she just had a baby, I brought my celebration to her. This time, I cooked another version of a seafood pasta dish I used to cook for my family. Instead of using shrimps and squid roll, I used chicken for my creamy tomato pasta recipe. 1509288_1622300451340884_4911064866536642019_n For 400 grams of flat spaghetti, I used a large can of diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell pepper, butter, and one block of quick melt cheese. If I had some baking equipment, I would have baked the dish, so it would have had more of a cheesy and creamy result, but judging from the looks of pure pleasure from my friend’s face when she ate what I cooked, this pasta recipe was also an accomplishment to add to my culinary belt.

Mothers’ Day

Because I barely took the time to spend some time for myself since my birthday rolled in, I figured I will spend Mothers’ Day Sunday resting in bed. I woke up to a chocolate treat from my sister, Dana, that made me want to get up and enjoy the day. I tested out my new art materials and painted with the kids and decided to pamper myself later in the afternoon. 10452459_10152957487818040_4451155706394533657_n 10978534_10152957706543040_6549189049179810766_n So, I went out to get myself a manicure, pedicure, a haircut, and a book. When I got home from all these self-pampering, I found another chocolatey surprise waiting for me from my eldest daughter, Phoebe. 11143188_10152957752003040_7281598550792670687_n 10949730_10152958174688040_2515776643175067501_n And, if that was not enough, I got buttery letter cookies from my friend from work that spelled out MOM, early Monday morning. Now, if that was not a good way to cap off all the events that happened to me starting on Thursday, I am a probably an alien from the 100th planet, 20,000 million miles away from the earth. 10409349_10152959335908040_61122346200158571_n LOL!!! My thoughts are drifting away from me already, so I better stop here. ‘Til next post. 🙂


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