Forevers Are In Nows

As long as you live and be present
in every moment that touches
the dawn of your every day,
there will always be infinities of forever.
Because it is in your nows that
you’ll get your ever-afters.


Still Waiting

I can still feel you,
deep in the recesses
of my soul.
You still have a hold
over this heart that has
loved you for so long.
I still see you in my dreams.
I still wake up with your
name on my lips.
Your touch is still etched
on my skin and I long
for your embrace.
I crave for the feel of
your legs brushing
against my own.
I still need you to see me
and to want me to be with you.
I’ll wait for your call.

Of Celebrations and Pasta Dishes

candles blown,
wishes thrown to the winds.
smiles, greetings, and hugs all around –
celebrating another year’s start
of being a child at heart.

The past week was eventful for me. I turned a year older on Thursday and celebrated being a mom on Sunday. And, in the midst of all these occasions, I cooked – not just one, but two pasta dishes that I have never tried cooking before. Before I go into that though, let me lead you into how these events came to pass.

My Birthday

Thursday morning started early for me. I woke at the crack of dawn to cook spaghetti for my officemates. Because my immediate superior and one of my writers are allergic to any type of seafood, I had to deviate from usual meat and seafood pasta recipe and concoct one that will not only please the palates of my co-workers, but will also save us the hassle of antihistamine shots or worse, visits to the emergency room. the makings of a spaghetti sauce Continue reading

Ending My Week with Cream Pie

at the start of my work week,
tears were shed.
then, came the cream pies –
but, they did not stop my cries.
instead, they multiplied my woes
and made me want to lash out
the hurt i was feeling inside.

If you think this post about cream pie is all about making or eating one, then you are wrong. Based on the poem above, this post is mostly going to be a rant against cream pies or about something directly related to them. But, since I love pies, especially strawberry cream pie, you might find a recipe of my favorite pie below. Before we go to that though, let me tell you about my horrible cream pie experience this week.

My Cream Pie Experience

I manage and edit the blogs of a well-known talent resource site in the US. Because these blogs are directly related to entertainment, my team and I prefer to produce entertainment-related posts for them. However, the owner of the company has a different idea about what works for his site.

He believes that just because desserts and animals are trending online, these would also be great for our main blog. So, instead of focusing on articles that will cater more to our kind of audience, he is asking us to churn out posts about amazing animals and delectable desserts.

Continue reading