Memories of an Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

of Easter Sundays and egg hunts
and time spent together as one –
memories of days long gone.

It is Easter Sunday, and I am hunched over my laptop, working on this post. I hear birds singing and the TV’s muted sound in the background. Outside, the sun is beating so hard into the ground that you can almost hear the soil crack as it dries up. And, the hammock lies brittle, swinging alone – all by its lonesome, aching for someone to keep it company.

The kids are off somewhere doing their thing. My brothers and sisters are the same. So, it is just me. Despite having retained a child-like nature at my age, today I feel ancient. Although I always feel young at heart, today I feel older than my years. And, after having said such, I could not help it, but go down memory lane.

Easter Sunday

Four years ago, on a day just like today, I remember baby Elle and a pink umbrella. Yellow and violet flowers for Jeton and Donna, my brother and sister, whom we lost too early (just like the world lost Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker too soon).

Easter Sunday

I remember strawberry jam turned into an ingredient for a banana dessert and plump, orange, ripe tomatoes turned into a delectable sauce for my tuna penne in creamy tomato sauce paired with fish fingers.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

I remember giggles turned into full-blown laughter and hearty family fun and time spent together under an Easter Sunday sun.

But, of course, these are all just memories. And, all I have here with me is a steaming mug of coffee and pan de sal hot from a neighborhood bakery oven.

I might not even be cooking up something for my family today, because even as I am writing this post, I am fighting a crippling migraine that has me squinting right into the monitor just so I can get this done. Not to mention, that I am currently high on painkillers just so I could not feel the disabling cramps of dysmenorrhea on top of the usual mind-numbing pain from my inflamed bowels.

So, in a bid to keep my mood light despite all my aches and pains, let me take myself back to that refreshing banana dessert I made four years ago.

Easter Sunday

It was really quite simple. I just sliced up some bananas I had in the freezer, drizzled it with cold cream and strawberry jam, and we already had a dessert that had all of us closing our eyes in delight. My sisters and I, as well as the rest of our family have pretty simple pleasures. Just give us something creamy, fruity and sweet and we are all in seventh heaven.

Easter Sunday

Now, I think I may have been a little too premature by jumping directly into what we had for dessert that day without even mentioning the main dish. So, let me also talk about my tuna penne in creamy tomato sauce. One of my kids absolute favorites, I made that super fulfilling dish without the aid of any baking equipment (unlike the original recipe that inspired it), but it came out really good just the same. Paired with my crunchy tuna fingers, it was a meal that I could almost taste up to this day.

Easter Sunday

Writing about all these yummy treats has made me hungry. So, let me just close this post with me saying I am now about to heave myself off this desk (aches and pains notwithstanding) and onto the kitchen to whip up something good enough to be made into another Easter Sunday memory.


2 thoughts on “Memories of an Easter Sunday

    • Leah May Lim-Atienza says:

      Thank you, Belleadrea 🙂 I agree with you. Have you tried having a backwards kind of day when you try doing things in reverse like eating your dessert first before your main course? We’ve done it a lot of times and it makes things infinitely better. 🙂

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