as the day dwindles down
like the old song turning on the spindle,
i hug myself to ward off
the clammy feeling
that envelops my soul.
i wish there was a way
for me to unfeel this
despondence suffusing
my entire being.
there is nowhere else
to go, but deeper into
the trenches of my anguished
heart though – where my
tomorrows are lodged
in bleak misery and there is
no respite in sight,
just plain, old loneliness.


my wish is to save you

if there’s only a way for me to reach you,
to enclose my arms around your soul,
so, you can feel my love – then, my heart
will take it, even if it exhausts its last murmur,
just so you can truly live – unafraid to feel
and willing to let go of that shell you
choose to hide in.

i hide my love

as you turn to go,
my heart cries out in anguish –
aching to head to where you are.
my arms ache in their desire –
wanting to hold you tight.
but, on my face, you see
a nonchalance hiding
the murmurs of my soul,
wishing to throw caution to the winds,
craving in to give in to love’s toll.