my heart’s dreams, my soul’s wishes

in my heart,
lies a dream
of me holding
you tight and close
to my side
until the morning comes.
in my soul,
a wish lies still
about us together,
our kisses, our touch –
the bond that seems
to draw us to each other.

but, reality is a harsh master.
it is impervious
to the dreams of my heart.
it lends an obstinate ear
to the wishes of my soul.
for when i do
get to kiss you,
it takes but a moment
for the imprint of my lips
on your skin to leave
without a trace.
it will only take
but one second for the
touch of our fingers
to become just a mere memory.
and, i’m crushed as
i go to bed at night
and wait for you
to invade my reality…
only to fall asleep,
all alone and lonely.


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