standing alone…


Standing Alone

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i see you stand there
shedding leaves like snow crystals
on a winter’s morn – even if
summer has already broken its dawn.
you evoke a kind of loneliness
that resembles my own.
even as the world begins to
take on the lush colors
of the sun smiling down on
fields of green and gaily dancing
flowers singing in the breeze,
you remain in silence, forlorn –
without anyone to stop all
your dreams from falling.
i wish to hug you and let you
know it’s okay…
but, as you occupy that space
and cry in your infinite solitude,
i sense you are not there
to grieve like a bride that has
lost the groom of her heart.
you are enjoying your seclusion,
savoring it like the recluse
you are – and, you are speaking
to my soul, teaching me that
it’s perfectly alright to be alone.


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