ask me to stay…


Couple Kissing

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i always thought
i’m okay with just
one kiss, one touch,
one night when we
could be together
to feel each other’s
heartbeats flutter
their crazy beat.
but, i was wrong.

i need you
to hold my hand longer,
to trace your fingers
on my face, as you
press thousands of kisses
to my hungry lips.

i want to stay
within the warmth
of our shared passion
for as much time
as you can spare.

i wish for you
to just pull me close
into the strength of
your arms,
and ask me never
to leave.

but, you do not
miss me as much
as i crave for
your very presence.
you are not as
enamored to be
enclosed in our
closeness’ bliss.

so, i am left hanging,
always wishing,
wanting, and needing
for you to ask me
to just stay.


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