Say Something



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Nothing could describe the hollow
feeling lodged in my heart.
It is as if something
has been uprooted inside,
leaving a wide, gaping hole
that could only be filled
by the sound of your voice.
It is as if all emotions have
absconded my numb soul
and left nothing, but this
emptiness that is eating right
at the very fabric keeping me whole.

If only you would talk to me,
say something so I will know
where I ought to stand.
But, your silence is deafening
and the absence of your smile
and your very presence is making
me wish I could escape into the shell –
where I was safely ensconced
before you came and wrecked me,
with your puppy dog eyes and
the lazy gait by which you walk.
If only you will say something
that could warrant my telling you
one final I love you and goodbye.


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