when i die…

Girl Reading a Book

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when i die,
don’t burn candles for me.
don’t leave flowers at my grave.
i don’t have a need for them,
i can’t enjoy them anymore.
i can’t feel the warmth
of a candle’s glow or
smell the scent from the
pink roses you bring.

i’d rather that you’d
scatter my ashes to the winds,
so i can be one with the
places i loved most.
leave me at the beach
where i’ve dug my toes in the sand
and enjoyed the waters
with abandoned delight.
place me in a corner of
my favorite bookstore where
i spent countless of hours
with my nose buried
in books i cherished.

and, remember me
every time you see a smile
that resembles my own.
feel my presence and
hear the distant echos
of my laughter in the pouring rain.
picture me in your mind
smelling the pages of a
newly-bought book and then
reading them with as much
fascination as that of a
child with a new toy.
these are the very things
that will keep my memories alive.
these are the moments
you should remember me by.


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