my heart’s dreams, my soul’s wishes

in my heart,
lies a dream
of me holding
you tight and close
to my side
until the morning comes.
in my soul,
a wish lies still
about us together,
our kisses, our touch –
the bond that seems
to draw us to each other.

but, reality is a harsh master.
it is impervious
to the dreams of my heart.
it lends an obstinate ear
to the wishes of my soul.
for when i do
get to kiss you,
it takes but a moment
for the imprint of my lips
on your skin to leave
without a trace.
it will only take
but one second for the
touch of our fingers
to become just a mere memory.
and, i’m crushed as
i go to bed at night
and wait for you
to invade my reality…
only to fall asleep,
all alone and lonely.


in your heart of memories

let me leave
like the dawn
abandons the night
to greet the morning sun.
let me chase
the rainbows that
dazzle the skies
after a barrage of rain.
only i ask of you
not to forget
that while i will
slowly transition into
something just to remember
in your heart filled
with memories of
time and people
who have gone,
i will always keep
you in my soul
where nothing can
keep us apart.

ribbons of forever

i am leaving.
but, as i go
and leave the
joy and comforts
of the bond
we have created,
i will hold you
close to my heart
like a treasured gem
i wouldn’t want
another to lay eyes on.
i will keep you
in my soul, where
all of my memories
lay – never forgotten,
always cherished –
like ribbons of forever.

aching soul…

Touching Hands

i touch your hand
and it makes me want more.
i want to be held in your arms,
to feel the solace of your embrace so warm.
but, why is it that even when you’re near,
i still feel so alone and empty…
my heart still cries out in pain,
in loneliness, in unspeakable grief…
what is it that is wrong with me?
what seems to be lacking in this soul
aching to be heard, needing to be loved,
wanting to be made whole again?

soul in pain…

in the middle of the night
when everyone else is asleep,
i curl into myself
and get ready to weep.
there is an unbearable loneliness
in being with people you love
and yet feeling so alone and empty.
there is an unfathomable grief
in longing to feel the comfort
of an embrace – to ease
the calling of a soul in pain.

standing alone…


Standing Alone

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i see you stand there
shedding leaves like snow crystals
on a winter’s morn – even if
summer has already broken its dawn.
you evoke a kind of loneliness
that resembles my own.
even as the world begins to
take on the lush colors
of the sun smiling down on
fields of green and gaily dancing
flowers singing in the breeze,
you remain in silence, forlorn –
without anyone to stop all
your dreams from falling.
i wish to hug you and let you
know it’s okay…
but, as you occupy that space
and cry in your infinite solitude,
i sense you are not there
to grieve like a bride that has
lost the groom of her heart.
you are enjoying your seclusion,
savoring it like the recluse
you are – and, you are speaking
to my soul, teaching me that
it’s perfectly alright to be alone.

ask me to stay…


Couple Kissing

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i always thought
i’m okay with just
one kiss, one touch,
one night when we
could be together
to feel each other’s
heartbeats flutter
their crazy beat.
but, i was wrong.

i need you
to hold my hand longer,
to trace your fingers
on my face, as you
press thousands of kisses
to my hungry lips.

i want to stay
within the warmth
of our shared passion
for as much time
as you can spare.

i wish for you
to just pull me close
into the strength of
your arms,
and ask me never
to leave.

but, you do not
miss me as much
as i crave for
your very presence.
you are not as
enamored to be
enclosed in our
closeness’ bliss.

so, i am left hanging,
always wishing,
wanting, and needing
for you to ask me
to just stay.