Heeding My Soul’s Call

Butterfly Soul

Photo Source:

I do not know
what draws me to you.
I am like a
butterfly – magnetized
to your nectarine sweetness –
alluring yet
dangerous at the same time.

Even as you
push me away, I can’t
help but stay.
No matter how many
times you burn
my fragile wings,
I keep on – as if
hypnotized by the pain,
welcoming it like
a balm – never
considering that I’m
just hurting myself
in flying too close,
in feeling too much.

If only there’s
a way to extricate
myself from the
clutches of your magic,
I may take it in
moments of sanity.
But, I relish this
madness and embrace
it with all I’m worth.
Because it is my
soul calling out
to you – giving you
power over my
bruised and aching heart.


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