The End of Mourning


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I lie awake
’til the roosters
let out their first crows,
signaling the dawn’s
first morning light.
Not an ounce
of drowsiness has
touched my eyes,
longing to have you
in their sight.

Even as the deep
stillness of the night
gives way to the
murmurs of dawns
and its impending morn,
I still do not
yearn for sleep.
Instead, I crave
to run into your arms
and fall into
the crevice – that is
this love so deep.

But, you are nowhere near.
Distance is disallowing
me the pleasure of
holding you close and
kissing the soft spot
behind your ear.
My heart is aching
with wanting
to feel your heart
beat next to mine,
as we lay close together
not minding the
passage of time.

So, hurry back
to me, my love.
I am eagerly waiting
for your return.
I am missing you
so much and am
already needing
the feel of our
passion’s burn.
I care not if
I get hurt – all
I want is you
and the moment
when I no longer
have to mourn.


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