my tattered tomorrows

Tattered Heart

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as days go by
i feel my heart
wither away
while my soul
attempts to stifle
its cries.
from deep within
is a longing that
clutches at the
very fabric of
my tomorrows, all
tattered and worn
even before they
have come to pass.


The Poetry of Cooking for Love

so, when I cook,
I do it with a heart full of love –
for to do it without joy in my heart
is akin to courting disaster.

I don’t get to cook often. Because of the time constraints brought upon me by my working schedule and the fact that I still have to get my own baking equipment, it is very rare that I get the time to buy the kind of ingredients I want to concoct into a dish my family would love. But, when the opportunity presents itself, I throw myself into cooking with the same passion that I show towards my poetry, my writing and my art. Continue reading

and, she kissed him…


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and, she kissed him –
with all the love kept in her heart
and every bit of longing lodged in her soul.
she clung to her caress
like her life depended on
the very filament keeping their skin close together.
she breathed in his scent
and filled her senses with his essence,
keeping her sane, curbing her
loneliness at bay, stopping her
from crying in pain
at the knowledge of his imminent departure.
but, then he left
and she stands all alone and wanting.
her heart and soul, bereft and inconsolable –
for everything within her weeps
at the loss of his touch
and the unbearable sorrow of his distance,
away from the reach of her arms.


I Miss You

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i miss you.
i want so much
to run to your arms –
to be held there
and to stay there
until morning
has broken over
the horizon beyond.
i want so much
to press my lips to yours,
to rain your face
and your body with
as many kisses as
it can hold.
i want so much
to hear your voice,
to listen to you speak
of mundane things,
while you hold my hand
warm within your own,
making me feel
safe and secure.
i miss you.

Heeding My Soul’s Call

Butterfly Soul

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I do not know
what draws me to you.
I am like a
butterfly – magnetized
to your nectarine sweetness –
alluring yet
dangerous at the same time.

Even as you
push me away, I can’t
help but stay.
No matter how many
times you burn
my fragile wings,
I keep on – as if
hypnotized by the pain,
welcoming it like
a balm – never
considering that I’m
just hurting myself
in flying too close,
in feeling too much.

If only there’s
a way to extricate
myself from the
clutches of your magic,
I may take it in
moments of sanity.
But, I relish this
madness and embrace
it with all I’m worth.
Because it is my
soul calling out
to you – giving you
power over my
bruised and aching heart.

The End of Mourning


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I lie awake
’til the roosters
let out their first crows,
signaling the dawn’s
first morning light.
Not an ounce
of drowsiness has
touched my eyes,
longing to have you
in their sight.

Even as the deep
stillness of the night
gives way to the
murmurs of dawns
and its impending morn,
I still do not
yearn for sleep.
Instead, I crave
to run into your arms
and fall into
the crevice – that is
this love so deep.

But, you are nowhere near.
Distance is disallowing
me the pleasure of
holding you close and
kissing the soft spot
behind your ear.
My heart is aching
with wanting
to feel your heart
beat next to mine,
as we lay close together
not minding the
passage of time.

So, hurry back
to me, my love.
I am eagerly waiting
for your return.
I am missing you
so much and am
already needing
the feel of our
passion’s burn.
I care not if
I get hurt – all
I want is you
and the moment
when I no longer
have to mourn.