i curl up and hide

Curled Up in Pain

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when the pain
seems too much to bear,
i clench my eyes shut
and take myself
to where you are.
if you don’t know yet,
i’m telling you now –
your arms provide
the safe harbor i long for.
you are the angel
i call out to when i can’t
seem to go on anymore.
when i think of you,
i find another reason to live.

if only you feel the same…
but, you don’t.
so, i wrap my arms
around me and curl
into the cocoon i have spun
to conceal myself from
all the hurts you have caused.
i wallow in the pain and
darkness to unfeel the
sting of your selfishness.
i wait for the day when
you’d realize my worth
in your life – hoping
against hope that everything
won’t be too late for us both.


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