An Ode to Robin Williams

Robin Williams

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you bestowed the gift of laughter
to a world full of cynicism and hate.
you united people by tickling them
in ways you only knew how.
but, while you were the sunshine
to many lives in pain, nobody ever knew
the personal demons you kept inside.

you kept entertaining, even as your heart
was dying slowly, each and every day.
you continued caring and loving
even as your soul craved for the same.
there was too precious little of the people
who were able to fathom the war raging inside you.
maybe they did not understand
or they just did not dare to.

so, when you chose to end your life one day,
you robbed the world of something they have
come to depend on so much.
yet, you also gave yourself that one thing
you should have done for the longest time.
you loved yourself enough
to release yourself from all your anguish.
you cared enough for yourself
to finally decide over your own fate.
you gave yourself the freedom
from living up to everyone’s expectations.

some may say you were selfish,
others may say you were demented ’til the end.
but, there are many of us who want
to let you know that we do understand
and love you all the more,
for showing us that you were human
and true enough to show your weakness
to the world, who also has dying souls
exactly just like yours was.

*A poem for Robin Williams