just to be with you

to be with you

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as the pink twilight
gives way to purple night
and stars begin to
dot the skies like
sparkling gems on
meadows of velvet,
i’d like to hold
your hand and lie
with you on grass
of green kissed
by gentle rains.
i’d love to just
be with you as
the coolness of the
evening steals into
our very bones, so
you’d wrap your arms
around me and
hold me close.
i’d then listen to
the sounds of
your heart and watch
as your breath mingles
with mine and
i’d lean in, ever so
closely and you’d
do the same –
to make our
lips meet in a
gentle caress.


the midnight of my soul

Dark and Abstract

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fully entrenched in this pit,
in this quagmire of muck
that is pulling me
deeply back, bringing me
further down – threatening
to immerse me completely.
it is shrouding my being,
clouding my better judgment,
erasing all the good things
that i am still seeing
about this life i am living.
trying my best to crawl out,
it holds on to every inch
of my soul – painting
my heart midnight blue
until everything turns
into the blackest hue
that covers the world
just before a rosy dawn.
but, in my night there is
no prelude to mornings –
only endless twilight
that always succumbs
to evening’s darkest hours.