loving from afar

Loving from Afar

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you don’t know

how it pains me

to see you and

not get near you.

i long to hold you

in my arms and

let you bring me

close to you, and

we’d stay that way

until the stars

will vanish one by one

from the dawn skies.


you don’t know

how my heart breaks

at the sight of you,

so near yet so far.

i crave to press

my lips to yours

and breathe in

your scent.

i hope against

all hopes that

we can stay

locked in each

other’s embrace

until morning becomes

night once again.


what i miss you means…

I Miss You

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when i say i miss you,
what i really mean is
i want to be with you.
i want to lie beside you
and hold your hand
close to my heart.
i want you to feel it
beating and saying
your name.
i want to fill my senses
with your scent,
as i breathe you
all in, cherishing the
moment you are near.
i want to wake up
to your eyes looking
deep into mine – seeing
my love, feeling my pain.
i wish to just spend
one whole day doing
nothing with you –
just talking, laughing
or being silent…
as long as we are
in each other’s arms.

when you’re not beside me…


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so, i am left
feeling bereft
like there is no sun
to my sky,
because you are
not here,
you are gone
from my side.
and, my heart –
it aches
at the realization
that it sorely misses
the sight
of your eyes
and your warm,
gentle smile.

i’m impatiently
waiting for the day
you’d be back,
because then, i can
feast my eyes
on you again.
and, my heart –
it is bursting
with longing to
see your beautiful eyes
and your smile
that melts me,
because this time,
i think i’d let you
take me and enfold me
in your arms.