A Poem a Day: March 12

Troubled Love by Sounchy

Photo Source: sounchy.deviantart.com

i stare at the
distance between us –
it is lesser than
a hand’s span, but
seems as huge as
the deepening chasm
building up in my heart.
you can hear
its lonely echoes,
resounding like
silent moans from deep
within the inner bowels
of my soul that seems
to be breaking apart,
inch by minute inch –
tearing slowly.


A Poem a Day: March 11

Rainbow Art

Photo Source: fineartamerica.com

rainbows dancing
in gleaming eyes,
fairies traipsing
on gentle smiles –
love met and held
for the first time.

A Poem a Day: March 9

My Babies and I

My Babies and I

silent kisses
from soft as dewdrop lips,
light as feather
as they land on my own.
gentle kisses
wake me to mornings
with promises of hope.
fervent kisses
and worry-filled eyes,
chase away my tiredness
and replace my pain
with smiles.

*written for every kiss i got from my kids*

A Poem a Day: March 8

Elle, Andy and the Watermelon Lolly

Elle, Andy and the Watermelon Lolly

i hide my pain
behind smiles and laughter
i don’t feel inside.
they don’t know
there is an emptiness
slowly eating away
at my heart.
they are not aware
of the tiredness
weighing down
my soul.
they could not see
my mangled being
steadily disintegrating
every second.

i wonder
how it would feel
to let go
of all these pain
and just surrender
to my selfish need
of ending my life.
how i wish i did
not have all these
responsibilities stopping
me from reaching for
a much-longed for respite.

but, every time
i awake and hear
gentle giggles that
painted beautiful smiles
on my babies’ faces
and reflected on their eyes,
each time my heart swells
at just seeing this
simple yet profound sight,
i sigh.
no, i am not yet
ready to leave this life.

A Poem a Day: March 7

Pink Lilies

Photo Source: grow.ars-informatica.ca

pink lilies, white candles
and bows,
diamonds, linen, satin
and lace like snow –
bear witness to
gentle blessings
and sweet beginnings
of a couple’s new tomorrow.

*lovingly dedicated to my brother and his girlfriend’s wedding tomorrow, march 8, 2014*