A Poem a Day: February 18

Bipolar by John L Payne

Photo Source: artbyjohnlpayne

disdained like a pariah,
you are almost like a taboo.
never to be uttered
when speaking of
someone’s sensibilities.
they are unaware
that you are but a
necessity in this life
where everything is
akin a race – fast-paced
and harried,
always frenzied, with
almost no moment’s peace.

they do not realize
you are there to
let them know –
it is alright to breathe.
you signify the need
to stop and wallow
in what is lacking,
in what one really
requires to survive.
they view you as
a sickness, but
really, you are a cure
to the seemingly
endless torture of
the soul, which batters
the heart and leaves it
mangled beyond

you are depression
and you deserve to
be heard, embraced
and given a voice
in this bustling world
where almost everyone
is in dire need
of silence.


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