A Poem a Day

It has been a while since I last posted here. I can name a lot of reasons for abandoning this blog, but I’d rather not. I just want to start fresh today and move forward.

Last February 11, I posted a poem on Facebook. Then, I posted another the next day and the next, until I realized that I could not wait to write a poem to post every day. Given the slump I was in for the past months (I won’t even go to how long I have lost touch with my creativity), this was quite refreshing for me. So, I came to a decision. I will start a challenge for myself that I named, “A Poem a Day”.

While others have 365-day projects that got them posting photos everyday, I now have something just like it. My very own challenge, but aligned to what I can do and what I know best – writing poems. Just writing about this puts a smile on my face and I am so looking forward to making this challenge work.

Before I end this blog post though, I want to point out the very start of recovering my imagination and creativity. Yes, I started posting a poem every day on Facebook on the 11th of this month, but this was not the first poem I wrote this year. It was this:

Screenshot of a Poem on Facebook

First poem of the year

So, I’d like to pay tribute to this poem, which sparked my way back into creativity this year by embarking on this challenge of writing a poem every day for 365 days and beyond. And, with this I say, welcome back to me and to days of doing something I enjoy very much.

P.S. I will be posting all the poems I have posted so far on Facebook here and all the others that I will be writing from hereon out.


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