A Poem a Day: The Poems So Far

Megan Duncanson, Abstract Art

Photo Source: fineartamerica.com

February 11

is there an end to this madness called life,
where you don’t even know when happiness ends
and desperate joy begins?
is it a sin to say you don’t believe in happy ever-afters,
that for you there is only misery
as the lights grow dim?
do you really think depression is so bad
that you deny its presence in your life,
even as it permeats your soul and beg you to stop?
well, damn these infernal questions!
i’d rather go back to sleep
and burrow myself further into bed.

February 12

You came.
And, brought sunshine
to a life –
decaying at the edges.
You cared.
And, brought smiles
to a heart –
longing to be mended.
But, you changed.
And, brought a world of hurt
to a soul –
already grieving.
You went.
And, all of a sudden
everything you’ve brought
ceased to matter –
as tears rolled down
cheeks turned cold.

February 13

climbing down rainbows
arms wide and free –
beautiful smiles, shouts of glee.

February 14

love is a hand in yours,
gentle and sweet.
it is a kiss on the nose,
on the forehead, on the cheek.
it is the sight of a tiny head
lying on your breast, snoring softly
as he goes to sleep.
it is rainy mornings and lazy afternoons
when you could get to cuddle
and giggle until the rise of the moon.
it is every moment of every day,
even the smile that touches your face
when you fondly remember
a person gone too soon.

February 15

swallowed whole
by the chasm of
self-imposed isolation,
where barriers surround
the heart grown cold,
lies a soul that feels
much too much.
every time it hurts,
it withers unto itself
and clutches at its
innards in a wrenching
dance of pain.
but, on the outside
a smile is always
carved onto its face.

February 16

as you lay down
your weary head
on the rock that
offers no respite
let salvation wrap
its arms around you
like an angel’s wings
in a cold, dark night.

let it soothe you
into a slumber so deep
you’d forget
there is a tomorrow
waiting to unfold,
to take you into its hold
where worries are rife
and everything is as foretold.

for as you awaken,
what pain there may
have been yesterday
will still be there today
and all you could do
is trudge along to
the old rhythm
of a sad love song.
unless you’d choose
to smile and grin
and twirl into a spin
and say, let me just be
happy for a while –
as there is no reason to sigh
as you go down the aisle
of living in abandonment.


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