A Poem a Day: February 26

Fireflies Painting by Sharon Farber

Photo Source: fineartamerica.com

chasing away
the colors of twilight –
lighting delicately
the purple night
flitting and flickering
amidst leaves and treetops
like sparkling magic dusts –
gently embracing
heart’s hardened crust.


A Poem a Day: February 25

My Daughter at Her Prom

My daughter, Phoebe Danielle, during her prom

of ballgowns and tiaras,
one magical night –
where you get to show
your beauty and let your
light shine so bright.
you are my beautiful flower,
the princess of my heart –
where i’ll hold you close forever
even when it’s time
for us to grow apart.

A Poem a Day: February 23

Abstract Art on Celebration

Photo Source: cianellistudios.com

in the night
lies the darkness
of the heart that loves
but also knows hate,
which eats at its being.
in silence
one hears more clearly
the voice of the soul,
that yearns affection
it is so rarely given.
in forgiveness
there is peace
that encompasses
a life heading towards
its inevitable end.
in love
there is a tomorrow
that brings in the sunrise
and a hope for
freedom that mends.

A Poem a Day: February 22

Geisha Dancing

Photo Source: fineartamerica.com

arms outstretched
into the purple skies,
you raise an
upturned face into
the heavens full of stars.
as you drink in
the resplendence
of the ink-blue night,
you embrace its
chilly wonder and
you dance.

A Poem a Day: February 21

Jeton and Donna, Brother and Sister Gone Too Soon

Jeton and Donna (with my son Luke)

as long as we hold
you within the arms
of our memories,
you will never be
completely gone.
you will forever
hold a space in
all of our thoughts.
you may not be alive
in this world
where our beings
occupy air and space,
but in our souls
and in our hearts,
you will never be
be replaced.

*a poem for Jeton (died May 23, 2003) and Donna (died May 17, 2008)…we miss you, so much*

A Poem a Day: February 20

Battered Woman

Photo Source: wileywitch.com

shackled to the very core
of your being, longing
to be heard –
you shout in desperate
silence into the night
mute witnesses to your woes.
bruised and battered,
your body bends to
the will that is not
your own – craving for
release from the only
life you have ever known.
but, tiny hands hold
you back – soft cries
pulling you close,
making you give in
without a fight.
so, you surrender
to what you deem
is your fate,
and raise tearful
eyes to the heavens
as you swallow
your sobs and stifle
your cries.

*a poem dedicated to all battered women in the world*