unleashed emotions


heart filled to bursting

of emotions, pent-up and unleashed –

tears roll down my face.


Love is Where You Are


Love is being anywhere with you.

It is that moment when our eyes first met.

It is the jeepney rides we shared side by side.

It is our pinkie fingers linked together.

It is staring at the star we christened as ours.

It is walking down that stretch of road where 

we used to share our hopes and dreams.

It is our fights that always give way to makeup kisses.

It is the first cry of our every child.

It is me and you sharing iced coffee, 

sipping on the same straw.

It is us growing old together

under one blanket, in one bed.

It is being friends now and always

and lovers ’til our next lifetime.

Love is definitely and always will be

where you are.

when i’m gone

Sad Guy on the Beach

Photo Source: lurvely.com

will you miss me when i’m gone,

will you see my smiles in the sunshine,

will you hear my cries in the silence,

will you softly whisper to the winds

how much you crave for my touch.

will you long for my embrace

when you look at the boundless seas,

will you think of me,

will you remember me in the faces of my children.

will you miss me when i’m gone.

drifting apart

it feels like

you are an island

i couldn’t reach.

you are here, but

you seem very far.

your thoughts always

seem to be elsewhere.

i don’t know what

or where they are.

you are sitting

before me

but the distance

between us

is as palpable

as the coldness

that stirs in my soul.

the feeling that

i am losing you

is so strong,

it clutches at my heart

like a giant claw arising

from an unforgiving mire.