It’s Good to Be Back

Hello, everyone. 🙂

It has been a while. But, believe me when I say that my absence has been more than worth it. And, the reason is one little guy named Andy Gabriel whose picture appears immediately below.

My Baby Boy

I gave birth to my baby Andy-love last March 1, at 3:38am to be exact. I am so blessed to have survived giving birth to him considering the ordeals that I went through during the months before he came. But, everything have been worth it.

All the pains, doubts and fears vanished into thin air when I heard Andy’s first cry and he was placed on my bosom. Contrary to the fears of my neurologist, I did not have a seizure due to elevated blood pressure during my labor and even when I had to push my baby into this world. With the help of my wonderful obstretrician Dr. Patricia Coronel and her equally amazing medical team, I have got the most wonderful blessing so far this year. I can never thank them enough for what they have done. Now, I have not three but four angels in my brood.

This starts another chapter of my life, a new life that is, if you count the near-death experience that I had. The one where I am already the mother of four. Although laden with more responsibilities, I will cherish this new role because I am sure of the immense joy that it will bring. I will care for this new life. And, I wish for you to be part of my journey.

I thank you for taking the first step with me. It is great to be back. 🙂


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