finding a home in our souls

Valentine's Day presents

through the years
your hand was always there
for me to hold
when i am scrambling in the dark.
your shoulder there for me to lean on –
giving me support in the hardest times.
yours is the embrace i run to,
when i feel all alone and in despair,
your kisses are there to make me feel beautiful,
making me smile and blossom into the me
you love and none other.

even when turbulent weather, stormy skies and heavy rains
threatened to destroy the foundation of our very lives –
your love was always there, steadfast and strong –
holding me up, making me feel there is someone to whom i belong.

although there were times
when both our steps faltered,
and it seemed that we were
already lost to the other,
we still found our way to each other’s hearts –
where we found our homes
in each other’s souls,
where even in silence we know each other’s thoughts,
where we don’t have to say anything to know –
that we are loved.

*This was the poem I wrote for my husband on Valentine’s Day, while I was admitted in the hospital for a mild stroke. I placed it on a photograph taken by dear friends Harvey and Katrina, which I had framed. It is now as it appears on the photo above.ย The teddy bear, placed beside the frame, was my hubby’s Valentine’s Day present to me. I named him, Marble.*

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It’s Good to Be Back

Hello, everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

It has been a while. But, believe me when I say that my absence has been more than worth it. And, the reason is one little guy named Andy Gabriel whose picture appears immediately below.

My Baby Boy

I gave birth to my baby Andy-love last March 1, at 3:38am to be exact. I am so blessed to have survived giving birth to him considering the ordeals that I went through during the months before he came. But, everything have been worth it.

All the pains, doubts and fears vanished into thin air when I heard Andy’s first cry and he was placed on my bosom. Contrary to the fears of my neurologist, I did not have a seizure due to elevated blood pressure during my labor and even when I had to push my baby into this world. With the help of my wonderful obstretrician Dr. Patricia Coronel and her equally amazing medical team, I have got the most wonderful blessing so far this year. I can never thank them enough for what they have done. Now, I have not three but four angels in my brood.

This starts another chapter of my life, a new life that is, if you count the near-death experience that I had. The one where I am already the mother of four. Although laden with more responsibilities, I will cherish this new role because I am sure of the immense joy that it will bring. I will care for this new life. And, I wish for you to be part of my journey.

I thank you for taking the first step with me. It is great to be back. ๐Ÿ™‚