The “I Miss You” Series – Part THREE of three

Clear Night Skies Over Singapore by Harvey Enrile and Katrina Pacheco

a mosquito net for security
a thick comforter for warmth
a soft pillow for a tight hug
a pen and notebook for company
a clear night sky for inspiration
a chilly breeze for a kiss

My body shivered and murmured, “And so do I.”


*The last part of three-part “I Miss You” series by my friend Jamie Anora. And, the sighs continue…what a feeling it is to miss and to be missed…but, one thing is for sure though, it is part of the cycle of life. We will really go through some time in our lives when we would miss someone so much that our whole mind, heart and body would ache for them. It is not something that we should avoid. Instead, it is something that we should embrace…because to be human is to sometimes miss someone we love. – Leigh*

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