The “I Miss You” Series – Part ONE of Three

Beautiful Twinkling City Lights of Singapore by the River by Harvey Enrile and Katrina Pacheco

the excited voices
the sumptuous meal
the fascinating conversation
the warm breeze
the twinkling of the city lights
the laughter
old friends

My heart whispered, “I miss you.”

*Missing someone is a feeling not alien to all of us. We have gone through this many times in the course of our lives. The unfortunate thing is that not all of us can really show or say how much we miss a person. But, I say, if you miss someone, tell them about it. You never know, you won’t have any other chance to do so.

So in line with this, today, I am featuring the first of the poignant “I Miss You” series written by my friend, Jaime Anora. If you will follow this series, which comes in three parts, you will understand why I believe it’s worth sharing.

Enjoy and please tell that someone you miss him or her right now, before it’s too late. – Leigh*

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