Paperback or Hardbound

Books = Delightful Days

the smell of sweet delight

and lazy afternoons,

paperback or hardbound – a book.


*Since I started reading at the age of five, I have always loved books. For me, books provide the great escape into a world unlike my own. They are what brings me to rides of adventure, mystery, love and what-not that I could never have on my own, opening up to me a realm of imagination that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about.

The photo above shows my desk at the office. The books there show people, who come to the office, my personality – that I am a person who feels almost empty without a book nearby. I am a book lover. Some call me a bookworm and oftentimes I am remembered as the girl with her head always buried in a book and I am very proud of that. I hope you are, too, if you are like me. – Leigh*


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