the path to salvation by H&K Photography -

Like a childless mother

craving to prove her worth,

She placed herself in the path

of pure, lustful abandon,

Never taking a rest from

her endless pursuit of love

through bodily gratification.

But, the rulings of fate prevailed,

trapping her in never-ending circles

of failure, leaving her devastated

and seeking release from

her wanton sexuality gone haywire.


Willing herself to change,

she folded her hands to pray

and be silent in a moment of contemplation.

Then, with sheer courage

and a blind leap of faith,

She pulled herself from the mire

she has been drowning into fast.

Finally, she has resolved to let love find her

instead of using her body

to get what the heart has to offer.


*This poem was a product of a creativity exercise I did based on the number 6 item on my soul-sister friend Kaarina Dillabough‘s post, 10 Steps to Boost Your Creativity for Your Business and Your Life. I got the 10 random words (see the words underlined in the poem as well) from Elizabeth Gilbert‘s book, Committed and they are:

1. pray

2. craving

3. devastated

4. sheer

5. willing

6. rulings

7. rest

8. sexuality

9. childless

10. circles

If you will read Kaarina’s post, you will see that each of us can be creative and there are ways for us to exercise the innate creativity and imagination that is within us. In life, there is nothing as satisfying as letting your creative juices and your imagination flow. Hope you will find the time to do that for yourself. – Leigh*



2 thoughts on “Salvation

    • leighheart says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, my soul-sister friend. And, I appreciate your dropping by sooo much. 🙂

      Hugs and kisses also go out to you for your continued well wishes, love, support and encouragement. I’m still excitedly waiting for your little package. Hope everything is also well with you, my friend:)

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