into the dusky skies she went


she was all pinks, magentas, reds and saffrons…
she was always illumination incarnate with her smiles.
she was smart as a whip and always had plans in mind,
her goals were lofty but she was a hard worker…
she almost reached them.

but, then purples, grays, blacks, subdued her…
tried to rob her spirit –
almost succeeded the first time,
but, fortunately, failed.
so, even while already paling in colors,
she tried…
to show all her pinks, magentas, reds and saffrons –
and touched everyone that she passed by,
endearing her more to a lot of souls,
planting seeds of memories wherever she went.

she was all pinks, magentas, reds and saffrons…
until she faded away.
she went into the dusky skies,
left us but colored another galaxy with her blaze.
the dark shades subdued her, the next time they came…
they took her away but she went smiling and peaceful,
still spreading her beautiful shades.


*Another poem that I wrote for my sister, Donna, who passed away because of leukemia. Although she struggled after she was diagnosed and hospitalized because of her illness, Donna’s spirit and enjoyment of life never faded. She did her best to hide her pain and managed to infect more people by how she chose to live her remaining days.

Donna, you will always be remembered – not just by us, your family or by your friends, but even by those people who knew you during the time when you were already sick. A huge thanks go out to all those people who donated blood and money, so you could be with us longer. – Leigh*


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